booksIt takes time to write a book – from the creation of the characters, plot, setting, genre, working through the antagonist and protagonist and reaching the climax of the story. If you’re writing a non-
fiction story or a biography emotions are hashed, re-hashed and the story is re-lived as it is put into words. By the time it’s all said and done, it could be years later from when you first started.

That is OK. Writing takes time, so does the editing process. It is YOUR story, the creation of your imagination. Do you really want to spend the extra time formatting and typesetting your book?

I would LOVE for you to be able to spend the time talking about your book and marketing it. Let me handle the behind the scenes efforts of preparing it for print with formatting it.

Have a vision for the cover? Even better. Let me take your thoughts and ideas and merge them into a final product that truly reflects the genre, theme and overall picture of the masterpiece that is your manuscript.

There is much to think about when it comes to book formatting – font, font size, graphics or images, layout, page formatting, table of contents, cover design (front and back), saving in the right format for the printer, etc. This in and of itself takes time. Do you really want to spend your valuable time working through the final stages of getting your book into print when you can have a professional handle it for you? I can take this portion off your hands so you can focus on marketing your book, talking it up, setting up book signings, etc.

It’s all about you, your book and the final published masterpiece that you’ve worked so hard to finish. Email me and let’s talk.

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