There is a world of difference between marketing and branding, but they work together for the benefit of your company.

Let’s start with some basic definitions.

Branding is the character of your company. It’s what customers see and recognize with your logo, your products and your company as a whole. What do you think of when you see Nike? Or McDonalds? Or the farmers you meet at the farmer’s market? Branding relates to your customers’ experiences when they visit your store, purchase your merchandise, call with questions or complaints and how they are treated by you, your staff, or representatives of your company. If they’ve had a great experience, consistent product reliability and and quality customer service … that is the branding of your company being imprinted on your customers’ minds. THAT is what you are striving for with your brand. It truly is the character of your company.

But what is marketing? Ahhh…that is you pushing your name into the arena of competition. Marketing involves advertising, promotions, tweets, posts, blogs, sales, website SEO, flyers, posters, sidewalk sales, etc.

It’s almost like a push and pull effect. You push your name (marketing) into the world and pull your customers in with the quality of your products and exceptional customer service. Marketing brings in customers and branding creates loyalty.

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