Each of us is created different with our own unique view of life. Some see life in quirky patterns and others through rose-colored glasses. There are those who put the cross of Jesus Christ behind all they see and do, filtering life events through the Word of God. Some are pessimists and some are optimists. Our experiences often dictate how we see the world – through lenses of rainbows and flowers or bleak grays and winter whites.

Often our businesses are run the same way. You have some who do what needs to be done, not pushing the limit or seeking to find uncharted lands across the turbulent seas. And on the opposite spectrum, there are some who are constantly pushing their limits and capabilities, all to find new business and opportunities, stretching beyond their norm to be better at what they do.

What do you seek when you look for a graphic designer? The ho hum person or the one who is daring, wanting to try new things and set themselves apart?

When you look for someone to design your brand or work on your project, consider a designer who is:

  1. Willing to to stretch beyond their limits (knows what they can do and is willing to learn more).
  2. Responsible (can meet (or beat) deadlines).
  3. Driven to do better and be better at what they do.
  4. Willing to show you examples of their work and is happy to give references.
  5. Approachable and professional. Can they be easily reached? Do they return phone calls and emails promptly?
  6. Creative (remember what I said about those who see the world through rainbow lenses and quirky patterns).
  7. Willing to go the distance and work with YOU on YOUR wants and desires (not theirs).
  8. A great listener and applies what they learn to your brand, logo and/or project.
  9. Energetic and excited about life, about your project, about their designs and their work in and of itself.
  10. Flexible. Sometimes the scope of a project changes and an awesome graphic designer is flexible to go with the flow.

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