Have you ever looked at a finished product and how it ended up so different from what you wanted? It happens all the time when I’m designing. My clients have a distinct idea in their minds and when it’s created for them, it doesn’t quite look the same as what they imagined or doesn’t carry the same feel (even though it’s exactly what they asked for).

Creating a logo, website, or any other design takes time, effort and great attention to detail. It’s a collaborative effort between myself and my clients. I’ve always been told that I’m persistent (and nosy). These two characteristics create the best designs. It’s through questions that I can determine what my clients are really seeking. It may be what they originally thought, but sometimes it’s just a matter of digging a little deeper. Perhaps the design is right but the color is wrong. Or perhaps it’s the right color, but the wrong font. Or, maybe it’s just a matter of moving this column over to the right and adding a graphic. And persistence? Yes, persistence is key for me because it’s how I┬ánarrow down to the really important things my client wants.

Don’t want to hurt my feelings? You won’t! Just be honest. Tell me what you like or don’t like. A design does not just magically happen in one concept. It takes time, patience and lots of questions and tweaking to get the right design.

Help me help you. Don’t be bashful, but be truthful. Being honest doesn’t mean you are being rude (unless you truly are just being tacky on purpose). It means that you are trusting me with your honest feelings and allowing me the opportunity to tweak the design so that it’s what you want.

2 thoughts on “Persistence Pays Off

    1. HI,
      I would be very interested in learning more about getting a logo for our farm. So far, we have been unsuccessful in finding the perfect design that makes us say “eureka”!
      Thanks so much!

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