Has it been a few years since your website has been updated? A stagnant website is a dangerous thing. It gets lost in the shuffle, moved to the end of the line (so to speak) on search engines. You work so hard to make your business grow and expand, so don’t let your website be your company’s downfall on the internet.

Fresh, up-to-date content helps to increase your ranking in search engines. Here are a few tips to moving up the ranking ladder:

  • Create a blog for your site. But, don’t just start it and then forget about it. Strive to write good, quality content at least once a week. It needs to be relevant to your site.
  • Add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. There are tons of free wordpress plug-ins for SEO purposes. Find the keywords that are important to your business and use those on the pages, work on really creating strong keywords and phrases and then use them throughout the site. Make the keywords relevant to the page and use the words in the content.
  • Use at least 300 words on each page. That helps search engines find your site and gives good content to your readers.
  • Make sure that images have titles. Search engines cannot track pictures or use them in their algorithms unless there are words connected to them.
  • Be consistent in what you do on your site. Update it regularly.
  • KIS. KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. Those who use your website need to be able to find what they need easily. If they have a hard time navigating your site, they’ll leave and won’t return. If your site is too cluttered, has tons of images and/or text but it’s not organized in a way that’s easy to find the information, you’re going to lose people.
  • Use videos. In this day and age people are extremely visual. They don’t want to read a lot of material, but they do want the information. Consider making videos about your business, your products, etc. Keep it interesting and post them on your site. Create a youtube channel for your business to house all of the videos. Link those videos to your site so that customers can HEAR what you have to say. Let your passion shine through in the videos. Keep them relevant, personal, and interesting.

I hope these few tips help. It takes consistent work and maintenance to make a website run like it should. Find someone you trust and who knows what they’re doing to help you if you’re too busy running your company to maintain your website. It’s such an integral part of marketing, showcasing your products, and branding your image. Don’t be slouchy with it. Get busy and update your site! (Or, consider that it’s time to outsource your marketing and call me at 512-228-4552 and I’ll help you!)