This July 4th, I pray that you’ll take the time to really enjoy your freedoms this year. Over 240 years ago our country was founded by educated men (many who were supported by their wives) who saw the devastating effects of tyranny on a daily basis with high taxes (which was actually less than 1% whereas ours are 20%+) and little to no government representation. They put it all on the line, losing their homes, their wealth, and risking death on a daily basis – but they believed in the cause of a FREE country where men and women could pursue the rights to life, liberty, and happiness.

They took a huge risk to do what they believed was right for their families. They didn’t stand aside and let others handle it. Men and women, even children, fought together for this country, for their freedoms. They put aside their differences and united for the cause of freedom. They were a godly people who truly wanted a different life than what was available in England at the time. They wanted freedom to worship as they wanted, to speak as they wanted, the right to bear arms, and to defend their properties and families. They are the backbone of our country.

This is not just a day that we should barbecue, light a few fireworks, and get drunk. But rather, it should be a time to truly remember what this holiday really means and the sacrifices of those who got us here to this day.

I love America. I love what our founding fathers did to create this nation for us. Our freedoms are not meant to be squandered but respected, honored, and upheld.

I hope that you will do so from here on out. This country wasn’t founded by weak men…but Godly men who believed they had God given rights to freedom. So, take a cue from history and stand strong together this July 4th.

Remember your freedoms were purchased for a price.

Happy Independence Day!