Everyone knows that time is money. One way to save money is to outsource your marketing.

Your time is valuable. Very valuable.

If you’re handling your own marketing, who’s handling your business sales? Who’s handling the day-to-day business decisions, calls, emails, etc. with customers?


If you’re spending your valuable time creating marketing, writing content, updating facebook (and 20 other social media outlets), then how you are you MAKING money?


You’re not.

You’re spending your time behind the computer screen when you could be OUT in the world making making money.

Save your time. Outsource your marketing.


You might be thinking that this is going to be expensive. You’ll have to:

  • Find the time to hire someone.
  • Train her to understand your brand. (You do have your brand established, right?)
  • Meet with your outsourced marketing team.
  • Trust someone else with your marketing.
  • Let go. (This is probably the hardest thing to do).


Hold it right there. Before you become even more stressed out just thinking about this idea consider what happens to your valuable time if you outsource your marketing.

You have more time to:

  • Meet with new clients.
  • Service existing clients.
  • Solidify your customer service.
  • Expand your product line.
  • Attend more conferences or trade shows to promote your product(s) and/or business.
  • Sell more products (which means make more money).


And the other benefits?

  • Your stress level decreases…dramatically…almost over night.
  • Your deadlines are not just your own. They are shared with a team (which relieves the burden from your weighted-down shoulders).
  • Your family will appreciate the extra time you get to spend with them.


But, perhaps you’re not sure if you’re ready to outsource your marketing.

Here are 5 signs that you are ready to outsource your marketing:


#1. You would rather pull your own teeth than create a (fill in the blank) – eNewsletter, flyer, ad, etc.).

If your stomach tightens into a tight knot at the thought of working on a new ad or flyer, or working on your marketing in general, then it’s time to pass the torch.

Your overall business goal is to make money, to produce a product, or enhance your services.

The outcome of these things is to:

  • feed your family
  • pay your employees (if you have any),
  • pay your bills
  • buy clothes for your children
  • you know … the really crucial things in life.

After all, you can’t run your business effectively if your teeth are clamped shut, your stomach is knotted up, and you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs because you’re dragging yourself through the mire you call marketing.


#2. Your creative juices have run dry.

If you are creating stick figures and you think they look great, then it might be time to call in the creative calvary. Seriously.

What would happen if you could actually focus on your business and leave the marketing to someone who’s creativity is busting at the seams?

Mind. Blown. Yeah…that could be you. Actually running your business and meeting with clients, and making things happen instead of drawing stick figures.

Running solo? Outsource your marketing!#3. There’s only one of you … in the whole company.

Oh. My. If you are handling it all, you are burning the candle at both ends and not getting much done because you’re too busy trying to figure out what to do first and what to prioritize.

Customers are calling for their orders.

You have products to finish for an upcoming event.

You think you could sell more if your website was set up for e-commerce, but you don’t have the time or expertise to create it.

Business is great but could be doing much better, but you just



#4. You don’t have the software to create your marketing material.

Whether you are creating a print advertisement or a digital ad, you need the right software, the right expertise, and the right go-to person (or team).

Quit drawing in Word and using clip art. Stop. It. Now.

It’s hard to create a marketing campaign with ads, e-Newsletters, or logo if you don’t have the right equipment or software.

Why spend hundreds (or thousands) on software you don’t really know how to use, nor have the time to learn?


Stuck for content? Outsource Your Marketing!#5. You just spent 2 hours on a marketing piece all you have to show for it is the title.

You could spend your valuable time in better ways rather than staring at a blank screen wondering how to create the right graphic to convey the message you want to send and still maintain the branding that you want to establish for your company.





Considering all that you have on your plate and the fact that you can’t do it all on your own, now really is the time to outsource your marketing.

The bottom line is that your time is valuable.

You need someone on your side, offloading the marketing that you don’t have the time to do.

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