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Graphic Design Review Service


Why review your student’s artwork when we can do it for you? Simply purchase our Graphic Design Review Service and we’ll take over that responsibility. Order today!

Let us review your student’s work when you purchase the Graphic Design Review Service.

Now that you’ve purchased the Introduction to Graphic Design course for your student (or for yourself), what do you do?

It takes time to review a student’s work and if you don’t know what you’re looking for or have the time to review your student’s work, we can take care of that for you. Your student can send us each file to review and we’ll provide a detailed, written review of each design. The review will include suggestions on how to improve the design, whether it’s through color, layout, images, etc.

Critiques are always given with the “oreo” approach (suggested revisions sandwiched between positive feedback). The goal is to encourage better design through positive and honest feedback. No one likes to have a negative critique so I am very careful to provide helpful insights and positive encouragement. The graphic design industry can be harsh and one learns to develop thick skin pretty quickly (in the real work world). I do encourage revisions and like to see a corrected version to make sure my instructions and directions are clear, but also to help your student learn.

I have had several students take the course and many want to pursue a graphic design career, so my hope is to encourage them rather than belittle them. No one likes that, even me. So, please keep that in mind with this Graphic Design Review Service. It’s an honest, open, caring critique.

Basically, have your student send in their artwork. I’ll review it and provide suggestions and I’d love to see the revised work. I’ll grade the material based on what I see and how well the instructions are followed. You can add the artwork grade to the other coursework grades to get a final course grade.

You can purchase the Introduction to Graphic Design Course here.


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