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Introduction to Graphic Design Course

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In 17 lessons, your middle or high school student can learn the basics of graphic design – from the laws to the design concepts, using real company requests to fine-tune skills. No special software needed. PDF e-book only. Order today!

Learn the Basics of Graphic Design with the Sweet Bee Pixels
Introduction to Graphic Design Course!

This course consists of 17 lessons which can be completed weekly, at the student’s own pace. Written for middle to high school students, this course begins with the fundamentals of graphic design, including copyright infringement all the way through creating a design portfolio for a fictitious company. Each lesson builds upon the next until the student has a better understanding of graphic design.

Students can improve their graphic design skills through practice and repetition. Motivated students can truly to master this course within 17-20 weeks. Of course, the lessons can be lengthened to two weeks per lesson to really hone in on specific skills. I would suggest that a minimum of 2 weeks be spent on the final project as there are many designs to be completed.

Students can earn 1/2 hour elective credit for high school transcripts if at least 60 hours are spent on this course. Track the time spent on reading the materials as well as on the projects. Students can earn a full one hour credit if they spend at least 120 hours on reading and projects.

This course is also available on SchoolhouseTeachers.com and you can read more about it in the Introduction to Graphic Design blog post.


The full outline of the Introduction to Graphic Design course includes:

  1. What is graphic design?
  2. The Law – Be Honest and Forthright (ie copyright infringement)
  3. The Elements of Design – Pixels
  4. The Elements of Design – Fonts
  5. Elements of Design – Colors
  6. The Elements of Design – The Audience
  7. The Elements of Design – The Message
  8. Using PicMonkey, Canva, and Gimp
  9. Creating a Logo
  10. Creating a Flyer, Postcard, and Advertisement
  11. Creating a Brochure
  12. Creating a T-Shirt Design
  13. Creating a Book Cover
  14. Creating a Label Design
  15. Designing a Poster
  16. The End Game
  17. Final Assignment

NO SPECIAL SOFTWARE OR EXTRA EXPENSES REQUIRED! Course provides links to free online software, free fonts, graphics, etc. 

Want to try it out before you purchase? Click here for a course sample!

Read the review from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

1 review for Introduction to Graphic Design Course

  1. Claire

    I loved using Sweet Bee Pixels Introduction to Graphic Design Course. I teach at a small Lutheran School and this was a new elective for us this semester. I love that many of the lessons have Christian aspects that tie in with our schools mission. The lessons were easy to follow and allowed my students to be creative and learn many different editing software. I highly recommend it!

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