Book Design and Formatting

Book Design and Formatting
Now that you’ve written your book, do you know what to do with it? Most writers and authors have neither the time nor the inclination to design and format their new books. They love writing, but want to leave the final, finishing touches to someone who can easily handle it. Some prefer to let their editors or publishers take care of the formatting. Still, self-publishing is an avenue a lot of authors are traveling these days. The problem with self-publishing is that it takes time and skill in formatting the book, designing the cover, and even possibly uploading it and going through the requirements of print-on-demand publishing. Let us help you with your book design and formatting needs.

That is where Sweet Bee Pixels can step in and help offload this part of the process. With input from the author, we can:

You let us worry about the details of getting your book ready to print. That leaves you the opportunity to create book signings, etc.


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