Every company needs a website. It builds your company’s brand, markets your products and/or services, increases traffic to your business, and creates a web presence (which is crucial in today’s e-commerce market). If you need a website created, re-vamped, or modernized, then contact me for details.

When Sweet Bee Pixels builds your website, you receive:

  • A unique site for your business, utilizing your logo, colors, etc.
  • An e-commerce site (if necessary)
  • A blog (if necessary)

You need to provide:

  • Copy for site (text)
  • Domain name (I can help set it up)
  • SSL (I can help set it up)

In order for your site to be what YOU need for YOUR business, we will work to ensure open lines of communication so that you know exactly where we’re going. A business relationship is a two-way street and in order for your site to grow your business, we will need input from you (as you are the one most in-tune with your business and customers).



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