Let’s keep this simple. Start here by learning about the lead designer behind Sweet Bee Pixels:

I have been a Graphic Designer¬†since 1998, with 13 of those years at an international insurance company in their marketing department. Well, let me rephrase that. I WAS the entire marketing department. I love the process of creating. Even when I’m not sitting at the computer working on concepts, they are floating in my head, working their way into a design that will work. To design itself is amazing, but to see my client’s reactions when they see their ideas become reality is the most rewarding part of what I do.

My design weapon of choice is Adobe Illustrator and I wield it like painter with a paintbrush. My canvas is a blank page on a computer screen and my tools are only a click away.

If you can’t afford a marketing team or even a marketing person on staff, I can help. My prices are not outrageous and I can either bill bythe project or by the hour (depending on the project itself).

If you need it, I can design it (flyers, postcards, websites, logos, banners, ads, and whatever else you need). Complete the contact form¬†and let’s talk.

By the way, if you are wondering where the name Sweet Bee Pixels originated, we are a beekeeping family ( and a lot of what we do centers around the bees, honey, and beeswax. We make many products from the beeswax and sell the honey and pollen to loyal customers here in our area as well as across the nation. I thought it was fitting that my company name should be a reflection of not just me, but my family.

Meredith Duke
CEO/Designer/Creative Genius


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